• Sugar Wheat & Rice
    Platinum Organics Guano Fertiliser is also used to grow Sugar Cane, Wheat & Rice.
  • Macadamia Farm using platinum organics guano fertiliser
  • Sugar Wheat Rice using platinum organics guano fertiliser

• Currently Australia and New Zealand are using Platinum Organics 100% pure Seabird Guano and are finding astonishing results with increased in yield and a superior quality in their finished Produce.  

• Rice Farmers are applying Guano at the beginning of sowing which enables crops/plants to access trace elements only found in Organic Fertilisers.

• Sugar Cane Farmers have noticed Guano doesn't have the associated problems with P "tie up" as it is a pure Organic Fertiliser.

• Wheat Farmers have noticed the benefits of the high content of Phosphorous, Calcium and Silica  and high in Organic Carbon which benefits Soil content.

• Products available in 1 tonne bulk bags for Famers & 1kg bags for Home Gardens . Our Product is available at good produce Stores. (Contact us if you would like to become a Local Distributor in your area).