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    Platinum Organics Guano Fertiliser fantastic for flowers
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• PLATINUM ORGANICS Seabird Guano Fertiliser is high in Phosphorus which supports budding development and healthy root growth, and can be used for Indoor & Outdoor Plants.

• Guano delivers Nutrients all year round, helps condition the Soil whilst controlling mould and fungus. Pure Organic Guano not only provides an environmentally sustainable nutrients to the Soil, but it also achieves maximum Soil quality for sowing.

Total Analysis (typical analysis) for Platinum Organics

pHAcidity / Alkalinity 7.8 
ECElectrical Conductivity 2190 
NTotal Nitrogen0.6136.1kg/t 
PTotal Phosphorus7.7577.5kg/t 
KTotal Potassium1.5315.3kg/t 
STotal Sulphur0.1011kg/t 
CaTotal Calcium14.9  
MgTotal Magnesium1.09  
NaTotal Sodium0.328  
CuTotal Copper  679
ZnTotal Zinc  938
FeTotal Iron3.45  
MnTotal Manganese  889
CoTotal Cobalt  8.43
MoTotal Molybdenum  5.11
BTotal Boron  26.2
SiAvailable Silicate  471
 Total Organic Matter7.6  
 Total Organic Carbon3.81  
 Carbon/Nitrogen Ratio 6.22 
NPK0 - 8 - 0   

Also Available NPK 0-11-0